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    Snack bags! No way!

    Good ideas!

    Maybe this could keep track of all the My Little Pony accessories Allie has! I swear those ponies have more glam gear than I do!

    Good idea

    Homemade tea bags... this tutorial suggests using coffee filters, but you could make reusable ones using a sheer fabric.

    FLIES will never come in your house again! Pennies hung in a baggie of water near the door. Oklahoma people and restaurant owners do this and it really works.

    Keep Your Kitchen Sponges Dry and Clean with Binder Clips by churnopol: Love this! #Sponge #Binder_Clip # churnopol

    love this idea, no more plastics in the shower

    Grocery list

    Messy grocery bags are a thing of the past! How to fold them neatly in seconds and never worry about them again!

    PVC playhouse, just add sheets! GREAT idea!!

    Fabulously organized car! You've got to see this! She has great ideas for real little ones' stuff to keep organized!

    10 Smart New uses for Ziploc Bags- Knead dough, remove chewing gum or candle wax from tablecloth & 8 other unique uses for Ziploc Bags.

    Carry Seasoning in a Straw Use straws to store salt, pepper, and spices for camping trips. Heat one end of a clear plastic straw with a lighter, then crimp it with your fingers or a multitool. Fill the straw with the desired seasoning, and repeat the process on the other end. Just snip off one of the ends when you’re cooking, and reseal it when you’re done. Store in a plastic bag in case of a leak

    Mini Foosball Table For Kids - I love make your own toy projects!

    Fun idea for the kids' snacks

    How to make Foam Lacing Shapes- great tutorial from Powerful Mothering #FineMotor #KBN #CreativeMamas

    Mind-Blowing Cake Decorating Tip

    No fly zone, ziplock, water and a few pennies

    What to pack in children's emergency 72-hr. kits - with specifics for each age.