Telefunken Ketty radio (circa 1970's(

Marco Zanusom Fan, for Vortice, Italy, 1970s.

Chiyozi Oyama!

Braun radio


Braun T3 Radio.

b beoli radio

Smart Energy Box for Electrabel by Achilles Design

1978 JVC 3100R Video Capsule Television/Radio

// Bang & Olufsen in 1939 Dyson Hot AM04 Fan Heater Manufacturer Dyson Ltd., GB In-house design James Dyson, GB 2012

hi fi

(1964) Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper (MOMA- Collection).

RT 20 tischsuper radio - Dieter Rams

Remember tape? Remember reel-to-reel tape recorders? Pioneer made some of the very best, with terrific industrial design. Beautiful machines with great fidelity.'s hard to even find tape for use on such a machine. Times change. The design is still timeless.

1973 Braun Regie 308 audio set, design by Dieter Rams

Telefunken portable radio

Stem: Eco-friendly Vacuum Design

Braun TP1 1959 Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph (model TP 1) (MOMA Collection) Dieter Rams