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Just got back from the house of representative . Hey called you so many times what's up ? Just taking care of business , we landed in our jet , we are on #vacation #bound

Dream Catcher Onyx and Lapis Lazuli, via Flickr.

Lovely Dreamcatcher! I made them before, but nothing like this :)

how to make a dream catcher! i've been waiting my whole life for this pin to come along! i sense lovely gifts to give in my future.

Dream Catcher DIY - I will try to make this with wire - could end up very gothic

would love to make one like this :)

Ett otrolig, härlig o. emotionell "ring" hängande hemma eller vart du vill ha den.

En muchas ocasiones los niños llegan tristes al colegio por pesadillas o muy contentos por sueños bonitos podemos fabricar cazasueños que atrapen buenos y hacer dibujos sobre los malos y romper el dibujo para así deshacernos de esa mala experiencia