#Letters covered in #maps Cute web site

♥ awww even including where they were born !

Map ornaments from vacations, put the dates on the back

Make your own Architectural Letters

map silhouette


Heart maps for where you met, married and honeymooned. - cute!


Monogram twine letter wreath.

things to do with mason jars. :D


Where you meet, where you marry, where you live

@Lisa Phillips-Barton Marston Butler it's like the painting of the two states we saw down town siloam. Love this!

Coasters - From the places I have traveled. Love this idea

Easy birthday present: Glue newspaper over a canvas, stick on letters. Paint over and peel off the letters!

cork letters

Use maps of the vacation spot as the mat for the photo

The state photos were created using the STATEFRAME app on the iPhone.

Make your own mosaic tiles in any color- with wood glue, paint, and plaster, using a rubber car mat as a mold! >> This tutorial is awesome, what a fun project. #DIY