24- The best drama of all time!

24 - Jack Bauer is an American Hero! This show almost had too much action and was too intelligent for TV. Can't wait for the movie in 2013!

Reasons my kid is crying - Part 2




Because we needed another reason to love Meryl Streep

Joey & Phoebe ;)

Jimmy Fallon,November, 2001 PAPER MAG. cover. the love of my life

Justin + Jimmy

JT <3 holy frick

Love Kelly!

Meryl Streep.

just because i love christmas........ well and because i love ryan gosling.


Kiefer and his father, Donald Sutherland

Jason Statham

Tom Selleck-so handsome!

JENNIFER GARNER, 40 photo | Jennifer Garner

Meryl Streep

David Boreanaz as Angel.