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Eva Jospin - this is different to the other two artists I have picked, this one focuses more on the craving of cardboard making trees and other plants but also layering the same way so it creates an image.

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Clockwork Love by Tjep

Paper Artist Nicholls
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Realistic Wildlife Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

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paper sculpture by calvin nicholls

from Passion For Paper & Print

Calvin Nicholls’ paper animals

Artist Cheong
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Calvin Nicholls, paper sculpture

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Root Sculptures by Kim Sun Hyuk

Anne Goddard
Goddard Ecotype
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Ann Goddard "Ecotype" Lokta paper, Mitsumata paper, printed-paper, paper yarn, wax, gesso; 50 x 84 x 26 cm. Wall hung sculpture.

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paper sculpture by jeff nishinaka

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Beautiful Paper Sculptures By: Calvin Nicholls | Square Inch Design Blog