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  • Brittany

    The Vow (2012). The best love story I've seen since The Notebook (2004). Both will probably make you cry. Of course Rachel McAdams was in both and anything with Channing Tatum will be interesting :-)

  • Lisa Gehrlein

    Can't freaking wait for this to come out.. Rachel McAdams? Channing Tatum? Taylor Swift song in the preview? Soon to be one of my favorite movies I'm sure.

  • Alexandria Diehl

    don't like chick flicks but i can't wait to see this. love rachel mcadams and channing tatum

  • Emily Peninger

    'The Vow' starring Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams - coming soon Feb. 10th I CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Lori Lynn

    Playing House: The Vow #playinghouse #thevow

  • Will Smith

    A romantic movie can really make your day, this year if you want to feel the romance in the air, then you must watch The Vow movie online for free. Watch and download some great Hollywood movies from

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Entertaining and very amusing - the best of the Marvel superhero movies to date. Stark's one-liners and the climactic battle got tedious. As a villain, Loki was more petulant than evil. Loved Thor and the new Hulk. Grade: B/B+

One of my favorite movies, this is a scene that always got me.

Hunger Games. I just loved all three. Read um' before the movie comes out. I am prob to old for these but they were very very good!

Meet Joe Black--think Brad Pitt looked his best in this movie..also looked really good in Legends of the Fall. In this movie he was elegance, in Legends, he was the rugged man's man.

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The Vow 2012 I know we're getting Tatum weary but he rises to the challenge in The Vow. The film is cleverly structured sucking you in immediately with romantic melodrama. If ever their was a portrait of a man to be emulated, it would be the character of Leo. I vow to never forget the spirit of love the film imparts because love is not an it, thing or object. Love is to be worked for, fought for and waited for. The moment you stop it slips through your fingers. Get your Romance on. Check it out.

The Vow-really excited for it to come out! Looks very sweet!

one of the best movies i went and saw with my brother we were laughing from start to finish and the story line was amazing and it is not like most zombie movies there are pretty big twist and turns