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Murron MacClannough

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Braveheart publicity still of Catherine McCormack


Braveheart - Publicity still of Catherine McCormack. The image measures 700 * 467 pixels and was added on 31 May

"Braveheart", movie, 1995

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The Aviator. Howard Hughes and Katherine Hepburn, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett.

leonardo de caprio (howard hughes ) + cate blanchett (katharine hepburn) 'the aviator'

"Is it true that the prince has taken a fancy to you?" her cousin asked. Myra laughed. "And if he has? It would merely be a passing fancy and he shall marry a noblewoman when his reign comes." "And if his reign comes and he makes it acceptable to marry a servant?" "If I shall ever marry the prince and become Queen, then I will make you a knight," she joked.

Braveheart: dancing peasants, gleaming teeth and a cameo from Fabio

Catherine McCormack (Murron MacClannough) & Mel Gibson (William Wallace) - Braveheart directed by Mel Gibson



Braveheart - Publicity still of Mel Gibson. The image measures 1849 * 1271 pixels and was added on 9 November

Discovering My Inner Victorian

Discovering My Inner Victorian (The Pageist)

A theory about the movie Braveheart and James Douglas.   Hamish or Sheumais is Gaelic for James. In fact in proper Scottish Gaelic when you are speaking to someone you drop the first letter so to speak. So Sheumais becomes Hamish. Or James. James who was knighted by Robert the Bruce during the wars of Independence. Now Mel Gibson got everything else wrong with that movie. But I believe that "Hamish" was James Douglas in the movie Braveheart.

Is Brendan Gleeson's character from the movie "Braveheart." I posted it cause, ya know, Braveheart?

SNARK WEEK: A Brief List of Ways Braveheart Fucks It Up

Braveheart - Outside legal spheres, the word "traitor" may also be used…