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    3y Saved to 9 gag
    • Amber Cyr

      Video games glitches and mods can be really annoying if they happen to mess up your progress. But most of the time they are just hysterical and sometimes a little frightening.

    • Tonya Long

      Omg sims glitches are THE BEST. I once had a sim who's arm wouldn't bend despite anything I did.

    • Kirstie Corcoran

      Omg sims glitches are hilarious. You have to say this outloud otherwise it's not as funny.

    • Farhanmarfani

      Funny or Spooky? 28 Funniest Video Game Glitches Gifs You Have to See to Believe

    • april lee

      Oh my god I don't really approve of this but it was still really funny

    • Betsy Soto

      gsims glitches are hilarious..i don't know what this is but its funny

    • Kelsi Chun

      Omg sims glitches are THE BEST - I just died laughing xD

    • Sierra Higuera

      Sims humor lol- just laughed for 3 minutes strait

    • Abby Cumberbatch

      Sims glitch...can't stop giggling!!!

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