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  • johntrif

    ▶▶▶ {1968} AMC AMX GT Pacer concept

  • HE

    AMC Gremlin - Like other AMC cars (see the Pacer) the Gremlin can be seen as either a daring leap forward by an innovative underdog ... or as a desperate attempt to do something – anything – that would stand out in a marketplace dominated by larger competitors. Despite its odd looks – and despite being named for a mythical creature said to cause mechanical problems – the Gremlin actually sold fairly well for an AMC model. A total of about 675,000 were produced.

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Gremlin!!, loved the rare and often stolen gas caps with the gremlin on them.

1968 AMC AMX GT Concept... 68 amx!!! That was my first dream car my senior year.. Then I drove next to a rouche and it sounded.... Soooooooooooooooo..... Niicccceeeeee

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I have a love of old classic cars...They look amazing and most of them were made alot more sturdy than the modern ones today..

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