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    Navy Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson had played the accordion often for Franklin D. Roosevelt during the polio-stricken president's frequent visits to the spa at Warm Springs, Ga. He was scheduled to play for him again on April 12, 1945, the day Roosevelt died at the LIttle White House in Warm Springs. Instead, the officer found himself leading the funeral procession the next day, tears streaming down his face. By Ed Clark.



    • Dan Feinberg

      Chief Petty Officer (USN) Graham Jackson plays 'Goin' Home' in Warm Springs Georgia as President Franklin Roosevelt's casket is taken to a train to return to Washington DC. April 1945

    • Laurie Zeiden

      Graham Jackson performing “Goin’ Home” as FDR‘s body was carried from the Little White House in Warm Springs, GA, where he died, symbolized the nation’s grief over the president’s passing.

    • Vanessa West

      Navy bandsman Graham Jackson playing "Goin' Home" on the accordion, with tears streaming down his cheeks, as Franklin Delaware Roosevelt's hearse headed to the train station in Warm Spring, Ga., in 1945. Photo: ED CLARK/COURTESY OF LIFE MAGAZINE

    • Taren Brewer

      Navy CPO Graham Jackson playing and crying as he watches FDR's body being carried from the Warm Springs Foundation

    • dal

      Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays “Going Home” as FDR’s body is borne past in Warm Springs, GA, where the President was scheduled to attend a barbecue on the day he died. April, 1945.

    • Stephanie Ellis

      "Among the Mourners", 1945. In Warm Springs, GA, President FDR was scheduled to attend a barbeque on the day he died. As the train that carried his body passes, Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays "Going Home".

    • belle du nuit

      Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson was scheduled to play his accordion for President Franklin Roosevelt's enjoyment on April 12, 1945. Instead he played "Going Home" as the President's body was escorted away from the Little White House in Warm Springs, Ga.

    • Patten Bruce

      Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays “Going Home” as FDR’s body is borne past in Warm Springs, GA,

    • Ricky Rodriguez

      Navy officer Graham Jackson plays Dvorak's "Going Home" at FDR's funeral, Warm Springs, GA, 1945, Ed Clark

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