Navy Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson had played the accordion often for Franklin D. Roosevelt during the polio-stricken president's frequent visits to the spa at Warm Springs, Ga. He was scheduled to play for him again on April 12, 1945, the day Roosevelt died at the LIttle White House in Warm Springs. Instead, the officer found himself leading the funeral procession the next day, tears streaming down his face. By Ed Clark.

The last photograph of President Franklin Roosevelt, taken at Warm Springs, GA by Nicholas Robbins for Elizabeth Shoumatoff. FDR died the following day. April 11, 1945.

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Franklin Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States 1933-1945.

In April of 1945, while still in office, Roosevelt died in Warm Springs, Georgia, after suffering a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Fala attended the funeral, but it became clear to all around him that he was lost without Roosevelt. | Fala: The Most Underrated PresidentialDog

Navy CPO Graham Jackson mourns as FDR’s funeral cortege passes, 1945.


FDR funeral procession down Pennsylvania Ave

Young Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alice Roosevelt, 1903 [Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth, 1884 - 1980 daughter of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt]. Such a rebel

Alice Roosevelt in East Room ca. 1900s --- Alice Roosevelt Longworth in Gown --- Image by © CORBIS

FDR giving an interview at the beginning of the war in the Pacific.

Franklin D. Roosevelt with Fala and Ruthie Bie in Hyde Park, New York, 1941 One of the few photographs of Roosevelt in his wheelchair.

The Presidents

Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt Fishing at Camp David - 1943

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) as Secretary of Navy at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (NARA) December 12, 1916

Message of President William McKinley nominating Theodore Roosevelt to be Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 04/06/1896 by The U.S. National Archives, via Flickr

President  Roosevelt signing the declaration of war on Japan, Dec. 8, 1941.

Franklin D. Roosevelt at Hyde Park in a Wheelchair Photograph, 1941 -- One of the few pictures showing FDR in his wheelchair. He survived polio during the 1920s.