November 1...Aww :(

Halloween pumpkin jail unusual ways to decorate pumpkins / design / arts / crafts

Fun monster pumpkins for Halloween

Acorn Pumpkins--how cute are these? Our acorns are falling right now, time to go out and scoop some up to make these cuties!

Add pumpkin bits for to skeleton for guts. Like the glowing eyes and the overturned pumpkin head and how it is carved.

Pumpkins made from dollar store stove burner covers.

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Halloween/Love this as crap!

great idea


Nightmare Before Christmas masks

Yard creeper for Halloween--the linked site looks pretty interesting for Halloween prop/costume ideas but you have to sign in.

Easy Pumpkin Favors - two 10 inch circles, smoosh up around candy and stuff, twist, wrap green or brown floral tape, That's It~!

Pumpkin faces...oh sweet awesomeness!!! I'm doing one of each to put around my yard!!!!

Fanged Pumpkins :D

Too cute!

trash can and fake bricks

Grim Hollow Haunt: Grim: Step by step

carrot parsnip nosed jacks

DIY: Halloween garland with pumpkins and ghosts. So cute!!! <3 <3 <3

my pumpkin arch build - CrunchCreations2013