November 1...Aww :(

Come fly with me <3

Watch your back ! <3

Hands under lighted dress...<3 !!!

vintage photo..... Bride of Frankenstein <3

Adorable! <3

creepy magnifying glass <3

Homemade Barrel Topper: Old unused Rubbernaid trash can, 1 - Bag-O-Bones, 1 - Left over skeleton parts from Walgreens Skelly (after cutting neck down for use on butcher table), 3 - Cans of Great Foam, 1 - Can of red spray paint, 1 - Can of red mahogany laquer spray paint

DIY tulle bats cute and EASY! Make a few for less that $1 in 30 seconds!

Vintage witch photo <3

Lantern Pumpkins

Cat Mask


(1) draw cracked outline over part of face (2) powder outside of cracked line (3) apply makeup to inside

#halloween boys' halloween costumes?


Poison Toffee Apples 2 cups granulated sugar ¾ cups water ½ cup liquid glucose/light corn syrup few drops black gel food coloring 6 Granny Smith...

Jack-o-Lantern Tree

It is all about the candy! Halloween sign


Vintage Halloween....