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I like this end of the year poem. "You're such a star"

Fun way to help your child compare the letters in their name and the name of friends or family.

A little Survivor's Guide for your current kiddos to fill out. It's a meaningful way to end the year and begin next year.  So, set up your current students up as mentors and allow them to share their wisdom with your future class.  I'm sure that the newbies will appreciate their advice and that it will help calm their first day jitters too!

Great ideas and the kids feel so smart and clever when they do these paper folding projects.

UPDATED! (Being offered at a discount!) Year after year, this product encourages students to HAPPILY complete their homework! I have done this for years, and it has HANDS DOWN increased the percentage of kids that turn in their homework on a daily basis. This is a classroom MUST HAVE! $

Say as a whole class when papers are passed out to remind students to write their name on papers

This is a sample of a beautiful end of year letter. This genius of ths letter is its ability to be personlized! Click here to check out how! ($)

This is amazing! By the 3rd day the minute the helpers were passing out papers the boys and girls were sing it without me!! It worked! No papers without names this week!!

FREE Get to know your kinders when parents register them for kindergarten with this parent (and teacher) friendly information sheet.Includes:- B...

6 Ways to End the Year - 2nd Grade Shenanigans Love these ideas!