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...and I will stay with you until the end...

lazy dog, golden retriever, © Photography by

yep..this is how it is..they love being close to their people. And their people feel exactly the same way about them.

This golden retriever reminds me of ours when I was growing up! :( Whyyy am I allergic to dogs now...why!?

golden retriever at the wheel

golden retriever who just may think he's a cat!

My Shadow did this all the time - he'd spread his paws apart so it would drop then catch it in his mouth!! over and over and over... :oD

Do Ya Wanna Play With Me? Do Ya? Huh...Do Ya???

Sleepy Cute Golden retriever puppy looking Beautiful | Cute puppy and dog

I got the ball! I got the ball! I'm about to choke on it... but I got it!