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very true lately

Sometimes You Close Your Eyes And See The Place Where You Used To Live When You Were Young. All the time!

lol I'm amazed I remembered what and how so quickly from just those 6 lines XD

True 90's kids will understand.

How to tell if you grew up in the Haha, totally remember this! wow, brings back memories!

Yes, it was. - actually it was more if mom told dad on you, then you were REALLY in trouble!

I think its funny my kids thought this, yep I was scary or had my bluff on them Lol

... and the only other excuse we had to run screaming into the house was, if  someone was SERIOUSLY hurt or dripping with blood!!! Hahaha, those were the days!

I'm not a kid but I still did all these things. (PS I survived the garden hose)


Katy Gonse Goossens wrote, "Do You Remember these nostalgic smells? Yes, Katy, I wrote the book on nostalgic smells :) Check it out in the comments.

when i think back to the good times in my life, i remember the songs we made memories to <3

How music plays a part in our life

Sony walkman - 80's baby! So had one of these!!

Create Digital Music has a nice piece on the Walkman's Birthday. Pretty surprising actually, I don't think I became aware of the Walkman until or so. Peter Kirn makes a good point: "Sony o.

70s-child ;) So true.....

so true ~~ who was born in the the last generation.

Cold Drink....with a slightly rubbery taste!  Remember when it came out warm at first. Omg! I still do this. Best water ever right there.

When I was a kid, we used to play water wars and if we were thirsty, we'd just drink right out of the hose. compare that to today's water!

Cost of Living in Although, If I remember right, the milk and the gas might be a little higher than they were in our area. I'm also pretty sure that the minimum wage was lower than that also. I remember making 65 cents/ hr in


Dan Winters in a Thousand Words: An Ode to a Friend by Nick Offerman

Ever since I can remember, I've loved photo booths. I think it's what really got me first interested in photography. Waiting for photos coming out of a photo booth is one of the best moments!

Proud to be a Baby Boomer and  the generation that changed history. We had flowers in our hair, we screamed at the Beatles, listened to Elvis singing "Are you Lonesome Tonight" what a time it was to be a teenager.  Take me back to the Sixties and mini skirts, bouffant hair and Radio Luxembourg.

Magnificent memories of a much simpler time. Growing up a Baby Boomer in the sixties was an awesome time.

Do you remember this saying?  ~D~

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. I remember practicing this as a young child, and ir was a soap in the shape of a bear, that got fuzzy when you got it wet, and had a prize inside.

And i wonder how many splinters -and woodchips- i got stuck in me because of it haha

I grew up always being outside barefoot. Still love to be barefoot. No socks and shoes for this girl. I remember how dirty my feet would be by the end of the day. A foot bath was always in order before bed,