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Rusty old things

Learn how to use old farm equipment as decorative landscaping items

A very old plow that would have been pulled by a horse, donkey, or steer to break up the ground.

Rusty milk churns

Raise your hand if you have a Smallpox Vaccine scar on your upper left arm. Yeah... you're a Boomer!


Helping grandma penney..

Red wagon wheels at the Mercer ranch auction.. would look so good outside my house!

P & O Horse Drawn Plow

Cool old toys

rusty items - .

Black-Eyed Susans All Round Rusty Wheel http://www.123rf.com/photo_4318360_a-vintage-iron-rake-wheel-in-the-summer-with-black-eyed-susans.html

my great grandma's in bugscuffle texas. their outhouse was a two seater back behind the house near the creek - but their's didn't have a toilet seat, just a hole cut in the wood. my great aunt ruby that lived there with great grandma clark believed that using the bathroom in the house was nasty!

horse drawn plow, like my grandfather used to till up the garden space for my Mother. Still have the old one horse plow in my own yard.

rusty metal things

How to Make Log Benches | eHow

old rusty wheels

Rusty old manure spreader.