Great photo of Goyatle (Geronimo) Chiricahua (Bedonkohe ) wearing war bonnet "The People": Native Wisdom,Native American,native americans,

Incredible, and still they don't have the right to vote!

Native America's Timeline, the last one about living anywhere they would like is alittle misleading since most stay on the reservations or nations for health care, family, lack of money to go anywhere else, many different reasons that the families are sti

Geronimo's daughter

Geronimo’s daughter, Lenna ca. 1900 was Bedonkohe-Mescalero and born 1886 at Fort Marion in St. while her father was a prisoner there. The medical staff named her Marion (after the fort) but she took the name Lenna.

Chief Plenty Coups. 1928. I encourage you to share my images.

Chief Plenty Coups. 1928. I encourage you to share my images.

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Native American Spirituality is somethings that Native Americans believe very heavily in. This describes what the beliefs they have are.

Photo by Erika Larsen for National Geographic: Picture of Nez Perce Katie Harris with her horse Ollocot Pendleton, Oregon

.Beautiful (vintage?) photo with no further information.

Indian faces - Lakota Sioux Cheyenne Mescalero Apache Arapaho Crow Pawnee Blackfoot - i have never seen eyes so strong