Man, woman and umbrella - This is a picture of a Man, woman and umbrella. It shows a man and woman is standing below an umbrella. The lady is leaning over.

This one is straight up for @Tianne Bernal. X Eyes.

Some of the absolute worst days of my life began when I woke up with X's where my eyes used to be. huNGovEr mucH?

5 fotografische Eselsbrücken zur Blende - Wann nutze ich welche Blende?

5 fotografische Eselsbrücken zur Blende

Eliott Erwitt - Famous kisses   (One day we will do this)

"Santa Monica, California 1955 (California Kiss)" by Elliott Erwitt is available for purchase on HL Photo Gallery. Discover his photography online.

What a fun and beautiful photo:) Amor

Grande Grande Hinderer - I was googling "cute photo of shoes, couples" or something ridiculous and look what came up? This is yours right? Am I a total geek for getting excited about that?

pasion nº 310

My friend, Devi, shares some very practical passionate wisdom here that intensify your intimacy TONIGHT! 2 Secrets To Staying Connected In Intimate Relationships


The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened -- I don't normally tear up, but these pictures pulled them from my heart

efecto halo parejas

El efecto halo: la razón por la que continúas fracasando en el amor

A moment of true love captured Suddenly Somehow Allow all in Together Divine Reach Reverse Restore Stay With Love Continue Be Ever On Me With God Speed Cassiel 519 7148

Los más felices parecen ser aquellos que no tienen una razón especial para serlo. Sencillamente, son así.   . William R. Inge

Romance things: Dance under the rain - Lol! Let's dance. No music, no lights. That's all we need.

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m) to take part in our first ever sunrise engagement photo session. The colors were beautiful, and the couple was so relaxed and playful.