This, with a bright colored sheet and pillows in the corner of a kid's room. I know i would have loved this. Heck, I may do it in the geek room as a reading nook!

// Kids room | Très jolie et poétique installation pour une demoiselle. Love it!




If one of your happy places is in your room, then use it as a meditation corner to clear your thoughts on a daily basis. You won't be sorry!!!!!!

little tepee reading area! this would be so cute in a kids room! OH I"M A KID!!!! I WILL DO THIS!!!

I could drape in the winter when my allergies have gone even farther south, but it would all have to come down when the Tucson Spring arrives with Palo Verde Pollen

Twinkle light Glamping.

Great idea for sitting in, during imagery times used for pain control, relaxation, etc. In this, there would be no distractions for the eye to see.

For the playroom. perfect calm down corner


tent over chair

i want my attic to be like this when i have my own house.

I would love a little entertaining room for when friends want to stop n chat or have tea! #LoveYourSpace