A rainbow party!

Show us your party - Tessa's rainbow birthday party

"3" for Audrey. There's just something I love about birthdays and these colors!

This giant number has a foam board for a base and colorful buttons brighten it up. This idea can be used for birthday parties, for front door decorations, or all over the house! Awesome idea for Callis birthday

plastic polka dot tablecloth - Google Search

Maybe just switch the color of the ribbon and tablecloth. So, pink polka dot tablecloth and black ribbon

16 different party bars (or food stations) for fun parties.

Hot Pasta bar + 16 different party bars/food stations for fun parties. This would be great for R.

emily maynard glam camping birthday party ricki custom tent

Ricki Maynard's "Glam Camping Party"

Sleepover party ideas, just in case I ever brave such a thing. This would be an amazing birthday party!

Birthday Banner 1st Birthday

Good first birthday party idea. I love this garland for older kids too - just change it to a photo from each of their previous birthdays.

Flower balloons ... um, baby shower?! Too bad they don't look like a lily though. :

Sheena - for the Bday party? all things simple: more pinkalicious fun: balloon flowers

balloon number

big balloon number in the front yard for kids to teens, even mile-stone adult b-days - this is too cool!

Cami's 5th Birthday Princess tea party Are these cupcake wrappers? Anyone? by sarahaglover

number made with cupcake liners - party decor! - and all kinds of great princess tiana baking party ideas. Create your own cookie mix station.

Balloons are one of the most inexpensive ways to dress up a dinner table, and they can be spectacular even without the helium. Why do we save them for birthdays? Let's decorate for a random Friday night. All these looks require is some balloons, your own lungs, a little string, and, in one case, LED votive candles.

Instant Party! 3 Ways to Decorate with Balloons—No Helium Necessary

No helium needed, just hang balloons upside down from the ceiling

The BEST party planning site ever! Whether it's for a baby, teen or grandma .. they've got it here.

The BEST party planning site ever! Whether it's for a baby, teen or grandma . they've got it here.

Party on a Budget!

party on a budget

Party on a Budget Ideas . Sugar and Charm – sweet recipes – entertaining tips – lifestyle inspiration

art party, love the paint cans and brushes backdrop

Creative & Sweet Pastel Art Birthday Party

Painting or art themed kids birthday party. I like the invitations printed on paint sample cards. I also like the idea of making a pennant out of paint chips.

File under things we're doing this summer: Throwing a backyard movie soiree.

backyard movie night - I *love* this idea! my favorite photo was of the sign that read, "take a sheet & grab a seat". how fun would it be to have a monthly outdoor family movie night out here at the camp?

Party Ideas

Hello Kitty eye candy - Party Ideas and Dr. Marten boots

I remember as a little girl loving Sanrio and Hello kitty but now that I've outgrown it and have a daughter I'm so glad I get to share part of it with her. This HK party is adorable! Too bad her bday was HK.