Luna en escorpio

kitten ears and pink hair with Stella McCartney style dress

pink and platinum

Who can dare to try purple hair? Some people are amazingly adventurous about their hair colour. They can instantly decide on an extraordinary colour and tr


“Sunny & Sexy” Ashley Smith photographed by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia May 2011 Stylist: Cathy Kasterine Hair: Peter Gray Makeup: Lloyd Simmonds

This is honestly so gorgeous I'm tempted to make a hair appointment today.

Courtney Vogler by Elliot & Erick Jimenez for Material Girl

cara delevingne - Buscar con Google

“ Cara Delevingne - Allure Magazine ” She can SO pull off this hair color!

January Jones

What's the hottest hair trend right now? It's candy-colored hair! Sporting this style has a way of transforming any outfit into a fashion statement. It's a bold, stylish way to showcase your individuality and make everyone do a double take.