Hobbit House 2


22 Very Unique Staircases. All crazy. Wouldn't do any though, except maybe the 4th!! (Tree) ♥

How cool is this house! The reflective glass windows make the house practically a work of art in it's setting. It looks like a panal of paintings.

FabCab Tiny House Kit! 550sq ft, 1 bedroom apartment. Huge and lovely windows, open floor plan, and full bathroom. HEAVEN.

The Vista #House | Alexander Brenner Architekten

Underground house.

mirrored tree house - ultimate camouflage!

Interesting Architecture; The Mushroom House is located in my hometown near Rochester, NY. Last I looked, it was for sale!

Unusual Architecture Around the World, A home built into a sandstone mine in the side of a mountain in Festus, Mo.near the banks of the Mississippi River.

Green roof, organic shape - stucco, maybe? There are a lot of elements which make me wonder where this is located. The exposed beams and exterior material are more characteristic of the southwest, whimsical metal winding staircase seems French or Italian, but that scenery is something else! Gorgeous location for a unique home

Not a cob house but an incredible house

Out of the Box: 10 Amazing Underground Homes: Tech & Design : Details

Love the view, love the design