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    this guy

    I wish my boyfriend was like this


    Haha WHY CANT WE BE CUTE something I'd do...This is my life


    Hahaha!! Cute



    Awesome Boyfriend :)

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    That's a man! VERY RESPECTFUL! c:

    Do you know how many times I got "Oh! You guys are still together?" when people found out John and I were getting married? :)


    And the #1 boyfriend award goes to...

    Graduated from the same place with this guy. He's actually married to the girlfriend he mentions in this sweet 'rant' now. You go, Johnny!

    cute texts between boyfriend and girlfriend | Epic Convo Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend | LOLnTroll

    very funny

    perfect boyfriend. hard to find.

    So sweet!!

    Haahahaha. Ohhh boy. Guys, dont take my texting the wrong way. I say heyyyy allll the time!