That's a man! VERY RESPECTFUL! c:

And the #1 boyfriend award goes to...

Faith in Humanity: Restored This got me. Started tearing up a bit.

Haahahaha. Ohhh boy. Guys, dont take my texting the wrong way. I say heyyyy allll the time!

I want a guy like this :) I love the comfy look :) it's really cute and attractive to me :) http://www.iqcatch.com/


Oh my gosh


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A real girlfriend does not complain when her boyfriend is on his XBOX... She sits there and yells "KILL HIM!" funny

Hahaha!! Cute

I wish my boyfriend was like this

perfect boyfriend....i wish i wasn't forever alone and i could find someone who would do this

Totally agree, when guys call me hot, I feel down. When guys call me beautiful, I feel loved.

Beautifully said

Awww cute

Myyy heart melted..

cute boyfriend text messages amazing

He's a keeper, now only if her English professor could teach her to not use the word "texted"...