The Russian Tarot of St Petersburg - Judgement.

From Russia, with Angst – Dangling Pentacles Tarot

Галерея Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg – 80 фотографий

Russian Tarot Of Petersburg - Rozamira Tarot - Веб-альбомы Picasa

Awareness on Tree:"The tree is the Staff of Life, the roots of the tree being sunk into the garden of   consciousness, into the subconscious levels, the trunk being the conscious part of the   tree, and the leaves being the expression and results of that expression. The vines and   tangled thorns of bushes represent knots, thistles and blocks, preventing passage. The pathway or paths of the garden symbolize corridors through which energy may move." Vol.8

Drawing classic symbolism and meaning from the world's most popular tarot deck, Llewellyn's Classic Tarot is firmly rooted in the foundation of modern reading.


April 11 Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles (Russian deck) Have patience and keep your nose to the grindstone. If you stay on the straight and narrow path now, you will reach success

May 13 Tarot Card: The Hanged Man (Russian deck) Those who stand still in the currents of change deny themselves the greater guidance of the universe. Let go of bygones, lift your feet, and let the winds blow you toward growth and surprise now

The meaning of The Hanged Man from the Russian Tarot deck: You have reached a crossroads, making it possible to clear the slate and start over.

Галерея Forest Folklore Tarot – 80 фотографий

October 15 Tarot Card: Strength (Folklore deck) Your greatest strengths are not in your muscles -- true strength lies in a tolerant heart, an open mind and a confident soul

XIII. Death. Nazgûl. LOTR. Russia-based artist who goes by the deviantART handle SceithAilm has finally given the world what it has always needed: a set of tarot cards using Lord of the Rings characters. via Flavorwire via Laughing Squid

Beautifully Illustrated ‘Lord of the Rings’ Tarot Cards

Tarot: Death by ~SceithAilm on deviantART - Fingers crossed she finished the whole set. Would love a working deck of these Lord of the Rings tarot cards.

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