All the time!

No bacon?! oh jeeze

every time.

duck face = spaghetti suck

This will never happen in my house


I need to buy this card.

hahahaha best line ever

superrr sexy


Experts don't have to do studies, research, power point or pie charts at any university to figure this one out, am I right?

Mothafuckin' Bathroom - WTF Pictures #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

HA! So accurate! What's hilarious is that Lady Gaga flips out if you call her Madonna. She really thinks she's entirely original. There's basically two shades of Ga-Ga: the stuff that Madonna did first and better, and the "how does wearing a dress made out of steaks protest don't ask don't tell?" Skrillex=modem. hehehe.


Hilarious!!!!!! Hahahaha

hahaha. yep.

Hahaha my dad would do this!!!