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OH heyyyy Kelia Moniz (&Bruna Schmitz)- photo taken in Fiji

Sun... Beach... Surf... & Girls! ;-)

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"I Might Look Like I'm Listening To You" Surfing

Learn How To Surf. # Bucket List # Before I Die # Surf


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Boards are wet because: 1. It's morning and there is morning dew on them and you don't know which one to pick for the morning session 2. because its evening and you picked them all. #surfing #surfboards #sun

Kelia Moniz

I need this t shirt sooooo bad 😂

Kelia Moniz in the Maldives wearing her favorite bikini style - the Bandeau!

Learn to surf

Wild Thing explained that surfing was a form of meditation. When you went surfing, you showed respect for the gods because you showed respect for nature: wind and water. But especially the moon, who directed the tides. The moon was the most insanely cool of all the gods, and when you surfed, it was like a moon prayer. #surflife


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