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▲ Morning Walks and Cuddles. #photo #photography #girl #dog #nature #Sticky9 #Happiness

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.One of Man'S Best are all pets...& Our Creator...'Our God Almighty'~Amen , Blessings in Abundance and Overflowing //*;)

"What are you doing?" "Just let me be and drive." "Okay... As long as you don't jump out. I'll give you a treat if you dont." "I hate how much you're like me."

I like this idea. One day, when I can drive and stuff, I'll go grab a cup of joe and go to a quiet place in a park, or the beach, or even better; the mountains/forests and I will sit in the quiet and sip my coffee and be surrounded by coffee and just love life and appreciate it.

"Deer" friends by Steve Mackay.... all i can hear is Bambi saying bird, and pretty flower when i look at this<3




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great dog in the great outdoors. beautiful. #dogs #outdoors #beautiful #golden #goldenretriever here to find out more