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Easily plant an organized garden while generating the highest yield possible. This system helps you plant seeds in a perfect grid, at the correct depth and with the proper amount of space to prosper. Perfect for kids, limited space, and even first-time gardeners who want guidance.

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Gallon of water, 1 chopped onion add to gal of water. let it sit under the sun for 3days and spray it over your veg plants, n flowers to keep bugs from eating the leaves. I personally used it on the lawn and around the windows n doors to keep the bugs n mosquitoes away and it worked. I read this in magazine from old sturbridge village. Cant recall what year

I just learned this trick this week! To keep container-grown rosemary healthy, a once-a-year root and stem pruning is called for.

How to grow Clematis successfully. Needs a sunny location with moist, but well-drained soil. They don't twine around trellis with "vines", but with their leaves - so they need wire, fishing line, (something small) to grab on to. In early spring put a shovelful of compost around the plant along w/ a handful of organic fertilizer. Feed again, once or twice during the growing season, with a water-soluble organic fertilizer.

Feathers in the woods: Spice it up! Why plants love cinnamon

Potting soil recipe--Easy and SO much cheaper, not to mention you KNOW for sure what is in your soil.

Break free of tradition - most perennials are fine for transplanting almost any time of the year. Learn a few foolproof tips and then go get the shovel!

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Here are some secrets to successfully transplanting your seedlings.

Shed-greenhouse combination

Boston Fern These houseplants act as humidifiers: They restore moisture to the air by releasing water vapor in exchange for atmospheric pollutants, which the plants convert to fuel.

This rag is soaked in ammonia and keeps rats, raccoons, and other varmints out of the garden.

Succession planting is an effective technique to amplify the vegetable yield from a permaculture garden. Read more about succession planting

The Chemical-Free Way to Solve a Rodent Problem or in Other Words How to Attract Owls to Your Yard.

How you can grow edible mushrooms like button and oyster at your home? Here're some easy tips for growing your own mushrooms indoor.