Ideas for old cribs

Love this idea for 2014 :)

An excellent reason to keep a sentimental piece. Use an old baby crib as a quilt rack.

Great idea for an old crib!

recycle crib

re-use drop side crib

PVC towel rack

Baby Crib turned into a desk kids

Repurposed crib into porch chair.

Old crib

Clever Ideas to Repurpose or “Upcycle” an Old Crib

Clever Ideas to Repurpose or “Upcycle” an Old Crib

20 Ways to Repurpose your old Crib | How Does She

Grown-Up Desk: Add a glass top, turn one side rail into a shelf, and you're set. Wow, right? Our crib is a dropside, which is recalled, so this is great way to reuse it. Source: Achados Dedecoracao

Crib turned Craft Station! I so want to do this when Cara outgrows her crib. Either turn it into a table or a bench of some sort for the girls. How cool would that be???

repurposed crib ideas

Doing this to Adrias crib when we are finished because its a drop down crib and cannot be sold.

crib repurposed into bench...

Need to re-purpose that old drop-side crib? Here are some ideas that just might keep a few of these out of the landfill.

Did you know you can be fined if you try to sell your old, drop-side crib? Since they've all been recalled, what to do with it? How about this... chalkboard easel