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But the marker says the cave entrance IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME ... oh, at the very bottom of the mountain right next to the easily accessible path I was too impatient to look for...

Just meme it!

#Skyrim resolutions fun

Funny pictures about Skyrim on different resolutions. Oh, and cool pics about Skyrim on different resolutions. Also, Skyrim on different resolutions.

This is worse than when Hadvar saw that one prisoner that started changing his face and race and even gender! That's the day he started drinking.


Hadvar has seen some shit. Hadvar was never the same and to this day you, can find him in the Bannered Mare drinking away his visions.

Or your companion comes running up the easy path. Like, really, you couldn't have said something? Helped a girl out?

And by 5 minutes we mean 10 as we mine, gather, explore, kill and fall to our deaths one the way up.

Vacation geek-art-gaming

Kill time, and also dragons. Explore the Province of Skyrim. What's better than killing dragons? Oh right, f*cking nothing. A massive time suck from teh Tamriel Travel Agency.