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The Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques, translated as the Cemetery of the Dogs and other Domestic Animals, in Asnières-sur-Seine, France, just outside of Paris claims to be the first pet cemetery in the world, and although there are some more ancient than it, it is the first to be basically a smaller version of our own modern cemeteries.

The rising popularity of pet crematoriums and cemeteries

Nokhur Cemetery

Nokhur Cemetery (Nokhur, Turkmenistan). At the cemetery of the isolated village of Nokhur, nearly every grave is marked by a wooden post adorned with the horns of a mountain goat. They are thought to fight off evil spirits, and help the soul of the deceased to ensure a safe passage to heaven. Aside from their appearances at the village cemetery, skulls of mountain goats are found at some of the houses’ doorways of the village as well.

Woodland Cemetery (Ohio) is supposedly haunted by the spirits of Johnny Morehouse and his dog. Legend has it that Johnny fell into the Miami & Erie Canal. His faithful dog tried to pull him out, but it was too late - the little boy froze to death. After he was buried, Johnny's dog laid on his grave and wouldn't move. In time, the dog died of starvation and a broken heart. In 1861, a special stone was made with a statue of Johnny and his dog.