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Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

Victorian style crystal-adorned heart shaped metal light reflector/window hanger or necklace pendant

La Flore Des Environs De Paris34 Heart shaped leaf (+ img)

The evolution of all spiritual life, includes 3 absolutes: 1. You will love. 2. You will be loved. 3. The former will eventually be far more important to you than the latter. ~

puffy heart shaped lollipops in pinks and fushias and reds. so perfect for valentines day. Love how shiny and vibrant they are

groen | green | vert | grün | verde | 緑 | color | colour | texture | style | form |

Green | Grün | Verde | Grøn | Groen | 緑 | Emerald | Colour | Texture | Style | Form | leaf heart

Mother Nature's Heart -- photo: Brian Knott © All Rights Reserved balancedwomensblo...

I only love this cause it reminds me of camp one year, we were really hyper one night and i found a leaf in the shape of a heart and me and my friend Abby called it our little heart leaf. ♥

If what you see by the eye doesnt please you, then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eye can ever wonder. ♥