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    Pictures: Secret Tunnel Explored in Pharaoh's Tomb

    The hidden secrets of Egypt Pyramids (Harun Yahya)


    Exploded view of the Temple of Amun-Ra

    EGYPT UNEARTHED: What They Discovered May Hold the Key To Unlocking Some of the Biggest Mysteries Ever! (Video and Photos) | Prophecy

    Tomb of Ramesses VI at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt

    Egyptian houses. Houses of the wealthy.

    Giza Pyramid Entrance, Egypt

    Akhenaton - meaning "living spirit of Aten" known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV was a Pharaoh (King) of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years. His queen was Nefertiti. Akhenaton died perhaps in 1336 B.C. or 1334 B.C.

    Egypt: Child of Africa (Paperback) It's undeniable that ancient Egypt and it's culture was established by indigenous Africans. The book explored evidence supporting these facts. Another great and important read by Ivan Van Sertima.

    anachoretique: Excavation of the Sphinx, circa 1850. Egypt, vintage, workers, sapira, history, oldies, photo.

    Luxor, The Ramesseum on the western bank - Egypt

    The unfinished obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt. Archaeologists claim the pharaoh known as Hatshepsut sanctioned its construction. It is nearly one third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk ever erected. If finished it would have measured around 42 m (approximately 137 feet) and would have weighed nearly 1,200 tons.

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    Inside Ancient Egypt Houses | tomb of rekhmire nobles egyptian art art ancient egypt

    Genealogy of the Deities of Egypt - There were 29 major gods and goddesses that were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians.

    Descubrimiento de la estatua de Ramsés II i Sekhmet en el templo de Mut. 1930

    Map of Ancient Egypt

    Tomb of Ramesses VI, Egypt.

    Ancient Egyptian Art on Egyptian Papyrus. Unique Handmade Art For Sale at | Title: “Ankh” (Key of Life or The Key of The Nile) | Size: 12" x 16" |

    Secret Chambers of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt