Pictures: Secret Tunnel Explored in Pharaoh's Tomb

Tomb of Sennefer

Ancient aliens in ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt's Buildings Documentary

Game of Hounds and Jackals, ca. 1814–1805 B.C. Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat IV. Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, el-Asasif, Tomb of Reniseneb. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Edward S. Harkness Gift, 1926 (26.7.1287). Egyptians likened the intricate voyage through the underworld to a game. This made gaming boards and gaming pieces appropriate objects to deposit in tombs.

The Nile

New Evidence May Solve Mystery of America's Huge Ancient City. (Distance from Monks Mound to Mound 72 is about 0.5 miles (0.8 kilometers)

Temple of Amun Ra - Karnak, Luxor, Egypt illustration Stephen Biesty

STAR GATES- The hidden secrets of Egypt Pyramids and TESLA..

Ancient Egyptian Art on Egyptian Papyrus. Unique Handmade Art For Sale at | Title: “Ankh” (Key of Life or The Key of The Nile) | Size: 12" x 16" |

An early 20th Century lithograph or photograph of Nefertari at her temple at Abu Simbel built by Rameses II.

Archaeologists in southern England have discovered what may be one of the largest medieval royal palaces ever found – buried under the ground inside a vast prehistoric fortress.

Jewelry from ancient Egypt

Sculpture of Nefertiti without her Headpiece or Wigs. Her elongated Skull is identical to the Peruvian Skulls, and other ancient Skulls that appear all over the World. We're these people the remnants of Ancient Aliens who seeded all of Humanity on all Continents?

Building Trajan’s column. (More design inspiration at

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis with Pharoah Seti

Wig from one of Tuthmoses minor wifes grave. Upper class people shaved their heads because of the heat. In public, they wore wigs. Under the wigs were cones of scent, which melted and made the wearer smell good instead of sweaty.

Maiherperi was an Ancient Egyptian noble of Nubian origin buried in the Valley of the Kings, in tomb KV36. He probably lived during the rule of Thutmose IV, and received the honour of a burial in the Valley of the Kings, the royal necropolis.

The gods Atum and Osiris – Ancient Egyptian wall painting from the tomb of Nefertari (wife of Ramesses II) 19th Dynasty: 1200s BC, Valley of the Queens, near Deir el-Bahri.

Egypt: Child of Africa (Paperback) It's undeniable that ancient Egypt and it's culture was established by indigenous Africans. The book explored evidence supporting these facts. Another great and important read by Ivan Van Sertima.

Cranes lift the face of a statue from the Abu Simbel Temples in Egypt, May 1966. Photograph by Georg Gerster