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thatd be nice

Every woman deserves a man that can make her forget her heart was ever broken. #quote

Sometimes a heartbreak shakes you awake, and helps you see that you are worth more than what you were settling for.

Slightly aggressive tone but if put in a more mild fashion it basically means communicate :) don't play with people emotions, because when you break them they are the ones who have to fix it and they might not ever let you near them again. Play nice haha

relationship quotes To hell with waiting for him. Dont waste time on a scumbag who doesnt deserve you. Life is too short for that. Focus on you. The right guy will find you as you are trying to find yourself.


This says a lot about what a good relationship/marriage is all about.

Man that is so me, so why is it so hard to find a man that does the same! I'm as loyal, understanding, and authentic as it can get and I even have a hidden loving side with a huge heart. I don't need a man but the day i find one that does that he will feel like luckiest man ever. And all u loyal women out there believe the same about yourself!


True. Sometimes that is call karma..lol believe in it....

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that feeling

Quotes And Sayings ... !, There are so much things you can find in Quotes but you need to read it Deeply ...! •Think Different And Just Be Yourself ... !!

A woman has to love a bad man once or twice in her lifetime to be thankful for a good one.