Natura Florida II by Priscilla Bianchi

'Striped Triangle Quilt' features stripes from the Kaffe Fassett Collection. "Playing with stripes is a lot of fun if you don't get too fiddly with matching them up", Kaffe notes.

another great quilt

Stripe Series: Hidden Wells by Melody Johnson

Necktie quilts for Dad

quilts can be so inspiring

Tutti Fruity New York Beauty AWESOME

Really cute quilt!

"Caliente Quilts: Create Breathtaking Quilts Using Bold Colored Fabrics by Priscilla Bianchi published by Krause Publications (October 14, 2007)"

bright boxes on black - love this design

Quilt by Cathy Tomm of Leduc, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Sondra Anderson. 2006 Houston International Quilt Festival

Quilt Inspiration: FREE PATTERN Archive

Quodlibet by Constance Clark



Quilt blocks

"Rain II" by Danny Amazonas.All pieced with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Amazing!


kaffe facett quilt pattern

scrap quilt

Modern Quilt Month: Japanese art quilts