can you say adorable?

Revis gushes over Tebow's intangibles

"NY Jets' Tim Tebow sits down for EXCLUSIVE interview with Daily News, talks Mark Sanchez and life as a backup quarterback" NY Daily News (October This is an Awesome interview!

The most gorgeous human being on earth.

Tim Tebow Love love love love him and ALL he stands for. We need more men in this world with his attitude and belief structure.

There is nothing more attractive about a guy than how he treats little kids.

"Tim Tebow: the Philippines’ NFL Football Hero" Definitely Filipino (December

“I want my kid to be like Tim Tebow!” some parents say. We live in a society that is consumed with sports, and parents move heaven and earth to get their kids involved in one type or another. If we teach our children to keep their eyes on the ball but fail to teach them to keep their eyes on Christ, we have failed as parents. How did his parents produce a Tim Tebow? Read on

DOE: School Suspensions of Boys, Blacks, Disabled May Violate Civil Rights Laws

Tim Tebow is so adorable <3 look at that smile.

Tim Tebow Press Conference: 3 Takeaways from New York Jets Introduction

let s hear it for the boys Tim Tebow is so adorable look at that smile.

Although not a huge Tebow fan, I can appreciate this.

In the face of criticism, mocking and hatred, Tim Tebow continues to stand for the Christian faith and proclaim his love for Jesus Christ. The article examines the revolutionary faith of the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Oh my goodness. Now this is a man who can pull off that scruffy look :)

I still love Tim Tebow. Whether people love him or hate him, no one can deny that this man is built.