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LOWER ABS Workout! We ALL know that the lower stomach is one of the very hardest places to burn fat and tone. These are some terrific exercises to do in the morning and at night to burn those hard to tone areas! Do this every morning when you wake up (30 each). I guarantee you’ll see results in a just one week!

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7 must-do stomach exercises to reveal fabulous abs quickly this summer. If you're up for the challenge and want sexy abs do these today. Re-pin now, check later.

The Core-Strengthening Workout These exercises work your core from the front, sides, and back for strong, sculpted abs. Workout by Chelsey Korus.

Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch. This may be the easiest workout!

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See how to get a flat stomach in a week using these awesome exercises. Read more what you are missing for tightening that weak belly of yours!

Flatten Your Belly with This Killer Ab Workout Get a tight stomach in just six weeks without doing a single crunch. This may be the easiest workout we've ever printed

Loose Weight In Stomach

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Earn those sexy abs. Great moves to achieve your goals!!

These back exercises will turn your flip side into the sexy center of attention, plus they'll banish back pain and improve your posture

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