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A wonderful world of macaroons. The beautiful dessert called a macaroon is what we only show here; pictures and places to go in New York for these beautiful macaroons. Macaroon World.


Beautifully shot Macarons by Berlin-based British photographer Nicky Walsh. via Nicky Walsh Fotografie

Miss Kaylie's Kolor-Full Kottage

MEN'S VOWS: While we all know a macaron ain't a cake, this colorful cookie cum mini-cake always surprises and delights, not to mention coordinates with every possible color scheme!

Mimosa Macarons! so cute and I want to eat them so bad!

Mimosa Macarons

Mimosa Macarons: All the orange and champagne flavor of a Mimosa, that favorite brunch cocktail, in the form of a French Macaron!

You don't need to go to Laduree in France to eat this treat! Make your own! Home made. Simply French... chez moi!

How To Make Macarons

You don't need to go to Ladurée macaron in France to eat this treat! Although Ladurée macaron is an iconic experience.

Blueberry macarons

{ Blueberry Macarons }

* Ingredients * egg whites egg white powder almond meal icing sugar Red and blue food colouring For the syrup: sugar and water { Blueberry cream } * Ingredients * white chocolate, chopped cup heavy cream ½ cup blueberries

Rose macaroons. Dear God, these are stunning.  #tea

Not So Humble Pie: Rose Macaroons (not safe for snakes, but good for 3 year olds and such.