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German Shepherd family living together and enjoying this life with babies and each other..U B blessed 4 ever..angels from god

Ariki and Missy became best friends when they came into the care of RSPCA Qld. Fortunately, they found a furever home that could accommodate both of them! They love their new family, and the fact that they can stay together. #myrspcapet #rspcaqld

#HappyTails - we recently heard from Sage's new mum, about how well this little lady is doing in her new home! Adopting a puppy is lots of work, and her family were expecting just this. But to our delight we hear she has been nothing but a dream! She settled in straight away, and has bonded with her new doggie sibling. As her human mum said, they are very happy with 'their new ‘child’ to love'. Thank you to Sage's family for adopting and giving this gorgeous girl a second chance.

He has his pony...Does your dog have a favorite toy? here to find out more

We are very happy to announce that one of our long-term residents Youwho, a gentle giant, has now found her home! Thank you to our friends at Little Legs Dog Rescue Qld in helping her find #love! Good luck Youwho on your new adventure! #mastiff #RSPCA #rspcaqld #littlelegsdogrescue #adopted #rescuepet

Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature Siberian Husky) They look like Husky puppies but they stay the same size their entire lives. Normally I don't like small dogs much, but come on. @Geena Sisomphou Pickering @Stephanie Close Pickering

Ruby Shoes was a wee kitten when she was transferred into our care from her local council in the hope that we could find her a home. As one of our longest-term residents, Ruby passed her time lapping up the sun and playing in her outdoor cat enclosure. Finally, after almost two years, she was adopted. She's loving her new home, where it was love at first sight, and she is the 'queen of the house'. #myrspcapet #rspcaqld

A #Happy Ending for Charlie the 37 year old galah. He was missing since the 9th of September and was located by our Pet D Tect team on October 4. Charlie's owner is very happy to have her beautiful boy back. #rspcaqld #happytail #bird

You may have seen Jayzee in your travels to our #Brisbane RSPCA Animal Care Campus recently. She was one of our long term guests patiently waiting for her new life since September last year. Well we are very happy to say that today this adorable pooch finally got her second chance! Good luck Jayzee in your new furever home we are all very happy for you #americanbulldog #RSPCA #happytail #adopted #rescuepet #rspcaqld

#HappyTail – we recently received a message from Natalie about her cats Cocoa Kisses and Clyde. Clyde has just celebrated his one year adoption anniversary from our Wacol Centre, with Cocoa Kisses adopted from our Springwood Adoption Centre a few years prior. As you can see, they are very happy in their furever home. Thank you so much to Natalie and her family for giving these beauties a second chance! We ♥ rescue pets

Comet was stuck in a mud well, where only his head and front legs exposed. Comet's quick-thinking owner contacted the RSPCA emergency line, where a nearby inspector responded. Comet relied on her inspector, the fire and rescue department and advice from NSW large animal rescue expert to finally free him. He had a slow next few days, but ultimately made a full recovery and was able to roam around the paddock with his friends once more. #myrspcapet #rspcaqld

Karma has been known for her bold and bubbly personality and her friendly nature. Karma has been adopted by her forever home, and is settling in perfectly. She loves her daily walks and companionship with her new owners. Karma provides lots of love and laughter in her new home and couldn't be happier. #myrspcapet #rspcaqld

William (right) was brought into the RSPCA at a young age, where he was a stray dog in a very bad shape. While he was in healing stages, William was involved in the BARK (Bars and Rehabilitating K9s) program. This involved dogs with special care needs to be placed with trained correctional inmates in a mutually beneficial program. William healed and learnt to trust, and the inmates learned love and companionship. Through this program, William made a full recovery. #myrspcapet #rspcaqld