The Deer Hunter

I could watch this everyday. Taxi Driver (1976) Director : Martin Scorsese Starring : Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster

Robert De Niro in Casino

The deer hunter 1978

Taxi Driver

Darjeeling Limited

Robert de Niro in The Deer Hunter

Taxi Driver -- Paul Schraders gritty screenplay depicts the ever-deepening alienation of Vietnam Veteran Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro in a tour-de-force performance), a psychotic cab driver who obsessively cruises the mean streets of Manhattan.

The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter An in-depth examination of the ways in which the Vietnam War disrupts and impacts the lives of people in a small industrial town in Pennsylvania. Director: Michael Cimino

Eddie Murphy

De Niro in Taxi Driver

1978 Academy Award for Best Picture. Michael Cimino's film about the impact of the Vietnam War on three friends in a Pennsylvania steel town. Some aspects of the film – particularly the Russian roulette motif – seem implausible, but at its best, the film is a convincing portrayal of a part of America and its history as well as a powerful story about the power of friendship and the horror of war.

A Bronx Tale. Such a good movie!

Martin Scorsese - Taxi Driver (1976) DOP: Michael Chapman, Poster: Guy Peellaerts

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