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    Black and White plus cats.

    Floral explosions.

    White space

    Very inspired by mountains

    Lots of pink

    Lots of flowers

    Selection1: Suspended Rooms. Collections of old photos

    Fade. amazing color accents.

    DIY: honeycomb shelves

    Memory Jar Display

    (by Camilla Krishnashwamy) white kitchen

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    Gold & Green Sequin Necklace by giantLION on Little Paper Planes. Vintage sequins! What more is there to say?

    Gold Ball Friendship Bracelet by giantLION on Little Paper Planes. I love the simplicity of this bracelet. I also love the idea of "friendship bracelets."

    Berlin Zine by Cafe Royal Books on Little Paper Planes. I dream of visiting Berlin often. I'm sure this zine would plant more ideas in my head and desires in my heart.

    California Postcards by Cortney Cassidy on Little Paper Planes. I've lived in California for less than a year but I've already grown an extreme allegiance to it. These photos make me proud.

    Folio Issue Zero by Folio on Little Paper Planes. I love looking at different publications that play around with creative graphic design and font.

    Mara Caffarone Print 1 by Mara Caffarone on Little Paper Planes. Mara Caffrone is an artist from Buenos Aires. Because I love BsAs so much whenever I see this I think about it and it makes me happy.

    Jenni Rope Print 4- Forgotten City by Jenni Rope on Little Paper Planes. These colors are perfect to me. I would prefer a large print of this in my apartment. I think it would look great on a white wall.

    Natalie Rognsøy Print 1 by Natalie Rognsøy on Little Paper Planes. This piece reminds me of little artifacts, which is perfect because they are scattered all over my house.

    Alyson Fox Print 2, Bed by Alyson Fox on Little Paper Planes. Alyson Fox is one of my favorite artist. I've always wanted a large print of hers and this is one of my favorites.

    Choose Your Own Path Print by Alyssa Nassner on Little Paper Planes. Can't get enough inspirational messages!

    Cori Kindred Print 3, Red Porch Swing by Cori Kindred on Little Paper Planes Cori Kindred Print 2, Red Elusive by Cori Kindred on Little Paper Planes. As an avid rock collector I find these pieces by Cori Kindred kind of perfect. I want to frame them all next to each other in a special room in my house. Preferably one with lots of books and artifacts.