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Done! Neuschwanstein, Blarney, Chepstow, etc. Summer 2012!

Bucket List: Stay in Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World.

I have always dreamed of being Cinderella. Sometimes I convince myself..I am Cinderella. So this MUST HAPPEN.

Bucket List: Stay at least a couple nights in Disney World, definitely stay in Cinderella's Castle or at least, eat breakfast with all the princesses!

Bucket list... Check! I visited a real castle in Germany in 2011!... I got to take a really cool tour of the castle and every fun!

We were going to go as Prince Charming and Cinderella, but since I dumped him I guess that's not happening. I'm still going all out with the dress, hair, nail, and makeup and be the prettiest candy giver ever :p One day I'll have a non jerk to do this with :)

already checked off of my bucket list. got to go to a castle in Romania 4 summers ago :)

I just couldn't resist this....I love Disneyworld! ..... Florida - the Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Bucket list: Travel to a Disney resort to watch the Cinderella Castle fireworks show!