How to make glitter ornaments with the glitter on the INSIDE

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Hand-Printed Ornaments

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Glittering Santa Ornaments--includes instructions on how to make.

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DIY Glitter Christmas Light Bulb Ornaments: 1) Take a little bit of floor wax (pledge floor multi-surface or Mop and Glo) swirl in the ornament, drain excess. 2) Use a funnel to add extra fine glitter, it will stick to the inside of the glass. 3) Shake excess out. 4) Dry upside down for awhile. You can also embellish with ribbon, vinyl etc!

DIY- Monogrammed Ornament. Just a clear glass ornament with a Letter sticker, some feathers, glitter for the inside, and a ribbon to hang :)good to do 1 each for the kids

LOVE this Mini Snow Globe Ornament from @Kami Bremyer Bigler * #fabulouslyfestive

glitter branches

DIY baby's first Christmas ornament

Buy clear ornaments remove hanging part. add some Mop & Glo and swirl it all around and empty into a glass. Leave ornament upside down until all the dripping has stopped. add glitter Add any color of glitter inside. I prefer Martha Stewart fine glitter. She has so many pretty colors, and you can mix them together to create a new shade as well. Shake out excess glitter, and place top back on. The glitter looks clean and sparkly in the inside!!

diy christmas ornaments

christmas keepsake ornaments - year written in glitter with a short note about that years christmas inside.

Fingerprint reindeer ornaments :)

DIY TMNT ornaments!

Melted Snowman Ornament made from Kosher Salt, Peppercorns and a Orange Paper Cone...So cute!!

Put drops of acrylic paint inside clear bulbs, then shake. Love it!

Love this idea! What a neat way to use your tassels! Doing this for my college and high school tassels.

Great idea! I wish my parents did this. After time passes you *know* ornaments are special, but for some its hard to remember why -- or when you got them. Can't wait to do this. ♥

These little minion Christmas tree ornaments are so adorable!