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High-Speed Photographs of Ink Dropped into Water: In his ongoing exploration with high-speed photography and colour, Alberto Seveso drops plumes of various inks into water, capturing the organic shapes that form with a high-speed camera. The results are breathtaking and the ongoing series continues to amaze.

Alberto Seveso. Ink in water.

Underwater ink.

Underwater ink photograph, Alberto Seveso


limm by deskriptiv - trailing points from sample positions inside a volumetric vector field

Underwater Ink Photography by Alberto Seveso

alberto seveso

Underwater Art, so cool!

a due Colori by Alberto Seveso, via Behance

This is love

new underwater ink photography by Alberto Seveso

.Francesco Sambo

from the Water On The Lens exhibit at The Movieum in London

Photographs by Martin Klimas

Mark Lovejoy | Photos of printing press inks

© Frederic Fontenoy Alkama series : Blood & Milk http://www.fredericfontenoy.com/

Hosta Leaves | folds and curls of the drying leaves

Alberto Seveso / Photographs of ink in water. This is so awesome.