Turquoise Teardrop

crystal encrusted teardrop earrings

Dainty Compass – Fifth & Mae.

turquoise teardrop necklace

Soleil Blue Beachcomber necklace

Turquoise Stones In This Bracelet...

Birdcage necklace

Blue Heart Diamond Necklace

2 Initials Necklace - Personalized Necklace - Two Charms Discs Necklace - 14k gold filled Initial Necklace

turquoise + gold

Turquoise Dotted Elephant Earrings on Emma Stine Limited

turquoise teardrops

teardrops of turquoise

Teardrop Necklace in Green

Mint Teardrop Crystal Necklace

swirled teardrops

teal and teardrops, yes please.


These are so pretty!


So very pretty.