Unreal Candy aims to replace our beloved M's, Milky Ways, Snickers', and even Reese's Cups with more healthful, natural, and sustainably produced alternatives that lack the nasty corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, GMOs, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives of their brand-name counterparts while reducing the sugar content by an average of over 40%.

Brown Sugar & Maple Muffins... Didn't have enough syrup or yogurt so added 1/4 cup apple sauce and 1/4 cup Evap. Milk. Let's see how these turn out!

Copycat PayDay candy bars in truffle form! Delicious bites of peanut, caramel goodness!

roasted corn & quinoa stuffed squash; would be good in sweet potato skins or avocado too!

- candy candy candy -

cotton candy cookies!

Sweet Potato, Kale and Corn Chowder

shamrock chips using a spinach tortilla...@Eileen Hutchinson

Organic vs Non Organic

Candy Candy Candy

how to avoid a hangover: how to avoid a hangover

better than a boot?

Torani Bacon Syrup

Roasted Sunshine Sweet Corn Salsa

So trying this. Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake. Recipe on the jump.

coconut panna cotta

Pumpkin Maple Granola loaded with pecans, pumpkin seeds and sweetened with maple syrup! [ SkinnyFoxDetox.com ] #glutenfree #skinny #health

Smoked Maple Syrup