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  • Kathy Silvestri

    ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I'VE EVER READ! 10 things they don't tell you after you have a baby.... EVERY WOMAN MUST READ THIS!

  • Julie Hakel

    Omg I was just laughing so hard that I cried. So accurate and hilarious. Must read if you have ever had a kid!!! Ten things they don't tell you happen after giving birth. This is so funny! A must-read for moms of all ages.

  • Jessica Santiago

    I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD! 10 Things No One Tells You about giving birth. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I Footnote: I am not raining on your parade of marraige and a baby, but this is super funny and something you will come to know and love! Welcome to the world of motherhood babe, cause this shit goes down in a year :)Luv You Roch! LAUGHED HARD lol Don't forget to read the story about her friend Megan. It's ridiculous!

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10 things they don't tell you after giving birth... omg, i couldn't have written any of it better myself. this chick is awesome!

LOL!! So true! I usually end up mad and cut the little "so called perforation" with a steaknife on these type of boxes.

I have seen this photo a hundred times & it still chokes me up every time. THIS, the ability to work hard & overcome it then know you earned it, is what natural birth is about for me :)