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    Sometimes we complain about the cross we bear, not realizing that it’s preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot. Something to contemplate.

    Candy cakes. Fun idea for party favors. also a cute gift for candy nuts like me

    Strawberries Filled with ready-made cheesecake filling, delicious and easy when you need to bring something to a party

    Swirled Sugar Cookies - do in red for Christmas, or whatever color for whatever the closest holiday is. : )

    Bacon Roses

    Sweet Potato Parmesan Tater Tots with Sriracha Ketchup | The 23 Most Perfect Foods In The Universe

    Green Bean Crisps - Like French Fries....only Beanier.

    Sweet Potato Parmesan Tater Tots with Sriracha Ketchup | The 23 Most Perfect Foods In The Universe

    hidden storage for shoes in mud room

    Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad 2

    Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Molten Lava Cookies

    1 scoop of brownie batter 1 scoop of cookie dough in a muffin pan...they're called brookies.

    PSALM 105 :15

    Children Christ

    Bible Verse || Ecclesiastes 11:5

    FREE R.C. Sproul 14 Book Kindle Series! | Bible Based Homeschooling

    Verse of the Week Chalkboard.Love this Idea

    Thought for the American Church on this halloween day : Consider how witchcraft may have been repackaged to appeal to the rebellious hearts of Christians. Spells = Name it Claim it Eze 13:6, Lam 3:37 Readings = False Prophecies Jer 23:25-38, Isa 28:7-22 Incantations, Mantras = Repetitive Prayers Mat 6:7, Ecc 5:7 Potions = Health Food? 1 Tim 4:1-5, Mat 15:8-17 Tarot Cards = Scripture Flipping 2 Tim 2:15, Mic 3:6 Horoscopes = Temperaments Jam 3:13-15, Isa 47:14-15...

    The Virtuous Life - 7 Ways to Cultivate Love in Your Marriage ~ Time-Warp Wife - Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve

    We cherish academic success, but smart, I’m sorry to report, is...

    Keep Calm

    The person who loves you most will tell you the most truth. One...

    Coffee and Conversation #12 is live! I am talking about modesty for the modern woman! Modesty comes first from the heart, hen encompasses all aspects of speech, dress, and behavior. Modesty does not start with what you wear, then affects your heart. Instead, it starts in your heart and affects what you wear.