If snow came down in colors, How splendid it would be, To make bright, jolly snowmen For everyone to see!


Snowman Names

Projects (Reggio)

Love these fun snowmen - how cute would they be for a winter bulletin board.


Snow Day? Paint it with bright colors!

Shredded snowman- great way to recycle.

cutest Venn diagram ever - great to compare and contrast characters

Five Little Snowmen -

Preschool Letter S

Snowmen looking up

OMG! Love it! ...a new perspective- My snowman melted because... cause/effect...complete after "snowmen at night" or "the snowy day"


The Snowy Day, Snowmen at Night, & Snow - torn paper snow man -The Elementary Art Room!: Kindergarten

Snowman. Cute!

Snowmen-Directed Art Lesson

Students created these wonderful snowmen in class. Students objective was to create a snowman with a fun (and Tall) hat. Students used markers to draw their snowman on the first day. On the Second day they used bright color paint to fill in the four equal squares of the background. The last part of the project was the best. Students dipped their fingers in white paint to add the snow.

Marble Painted Snowman in a Snow Globe (from Rainbows Within Reach)

Making snowmen out of students' names. So cute, and could be the basis of some interesting math discussion,,, longest, shortest, same as, which two total ten, etc. Could even turn this into a glyph activity by varying hat colors, etc.

snow globe art & writing