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  • Mariano Fernández

    Herramientas digitales que usan los médicos #infografia #infographic #health

  • Curatio Technologies

    From Screen to Script Infographic - It shows that problem in online healthcare marketing is not that doctors are not tech savvy, the problem is partly their lack of belief in it and partly lack of need for doctors who are already overworked. #OnlineHealthcareMarketingPlatform #OnlineHospitalMarketing

  • Uri Goren

    Physicians are using digital tools more than ever before to make clinical and treatment decisions, presenting an opportunity for marketers to reach, engage and drive action in new ways. This infographic from the Google/Manhattan Research "The Doctor's Digital Path to Treatment" published in April 2012 illustrates how physicians are constantly connected and how they utilize search, mobile and video in their daily clinical decision-making and patient education.

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